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Learning The Guitar Versus ALCOHOL!

In our blog we like to share real tips and personal experience about learning the guitar in easy and effective, because telling how it’s in the real life, isn’t something that somebody will share with each other, especially on the internet. Yes, we like to share our own experience, because this is ...

Tip 5 – How To Hold A Pick

Greetings, World! The very important aspect in the practice (and also everytime you play) is how to hold a pick. It isn't such important question as how to learn guitar chords or how to play in general. Many guitarists even (especially beginners) don't pay attention to pick holding at all. I also ...

Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2018

What is the best Bluetooth headset ? We have heard this question many times, haven’t we? A bad headset may ruin even your most engaging idle talk session that is why it is essential to pick the best one. There are hundreds of manufactures out there with thousands of headsets and each one having ...